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Screening and Analysis
We screen the high yield universe for corporate bonds, preferred securities, bank loans, distressed securities, convertible securities and taxable municipal bonds that meet our standards. In our security analysis, corporate bonds are subjected to a fundamental analysis of financial statements and an in-depth proprietary analysis. We also conduct a valuation of the entire capital structure for corporate bonds, as well as a credit review in our weekly research meetings.

Security selection
Our High Yield Fixed Income strategy security selection includes:

70% Core Holdings

• Higher current yield than benchmark
• Shorter maturities
• Stable fundamentals
• Long holding period

10-15% Expected Ratings Upgrades

• Rapidly improving fundamentals
• Identifiable catalysts
• Intermediate holding period

5-10% Undervalued Bonds

• Special situations
• Industry consolidations
• Intermediate holding period

5-10% Opportunistic

• Mispriced security
• Liquidity imbalance
• Short holding period

Acquisition and Disposition
The relative value analysis for the High Yield Fixed Income strategy is based on our proprietary spread data, and a robust fixed income analytic infrastructure. Our investment committee oversees the portfolio strategy, and reviews portfolio structure. The portfolio manager makes the final decision for security acquisition.

The portfolio’s strict sell discipline includes if the risk/return on a security becomes unfavorable; if an attractive swap candidate emerges; if an analyst uncovers deteriorating credit fundamentals; if portfolio rebalancing is required; or based on client specific needs.

Investment Guidelines
• Minimum quality: Baa3 or BBB- for individual securities
• Minimum weighted average quality: B
• Maximum single issuer exposure: 10%
• Maximum industry limit: 15%

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